Merchants Bank believes in caring and sharing with the people and communities we serve.  We show our support by donating to non-profit organizations, sponsoring community events and volunteering in our communities. By helping our neighbors, we help improve the quality of life for all who live and work here.

How to Apply:

A.     Request the Donation/Sponsorship Application Form from your local Merchants Bank branch manager, loan officer or financial advisor. NOTE:  Applicants who previously submitted requests directly to the Merchants Bank Foundation should now use this form and these guidelines.  Merchants Bank will coordinate internally between the Bank and the Foundation.

B.     Email ONE completed application form to your branch manager, loan officer or financial advisor. Duplicate requests will be discarded. Multiple requests from one organization within a calendar year will be discarded, so please consider the scope and timing of your request.

C.     Every applicant will receive confirmation of approval or denial according to the review frequency noted below. Please consider the amount and timing of your request accordingly. Thank you for your patience while we carefully consider all the requests we receive.

Amount of Request: Application Deadlines: Response Time:
Up to $1,000 On-going review On-going
$1,000 or more On-going review  Within 30 days
$2,500 or more  On-going review Within 90 days
Major Requests Submit by September 1st, 2014 Will be considered for 2015 budget. Responses by Feb. 2015.
Tips to Consider:


  • Priority is given to programs supporting low- to- moderate income individuals and families.
  • We typically do NOT fund capital campaigns, national charities, municipalities or schools, special interest or political groups, faith-based organizations, class trips or service clubs and foundations that redistribute funds.
  • We do not host fundraising activities in our branches.
  • Donations can be paid only to qualified, tax-exempt 501c3 non-profit charitable organizations, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service, not to individuals.

Events and Sponsorships

  • Non-profit fundraising event sponsorship requests must demonstrate that significant net proceeds (75% or more) will be used for the programs and services delivered by the non-profit, not for event costs. These requests will be considered as donations.
  • If net proceeds are less than 75%, or the event is not for the benefit of a non-profit, we will look for advertising value and these requests will be considered as marketing sponsorships. Marketing sponsorship funds can be paid to organizations that are either for-profit or non-profit.
  • We do not sponsor or participate in games of chance such as calcuttas or raffle sales.


  • If the intent of the ad is to support a non-profit’s fundraising activity we will consider your request according to our events and sponsorship guidelines mentioned above.  (For example, a logo on an event poster, a mention in a program guide or a non-profit booster club doing calendar fundraisers.)
  • If the intent of the ad is to promote Merchants Bank, the requesting organization should not use this form and instead should contact the Marketing Department directly. We typically do NOT approve ads unless they are already part of our advertising plan (for example, ads in local papers for holiday greetings, graduation congratulations, visitor guides or commemorative event booklets).