165+Years of Service 

Merchants Bank was founded November 10, 1849 in Burlington, Vermont.  Our first office was located on what is now lower Battery Street - the center of commerce at the time - to serve the merchants of water and rail. 

In 1857, we moved to College Street to be closer to the business center developing around Burlington’s City Hall Park.  In 1895, we built a new building on College Street, considered to be one of the era’s finest banking structures in the United States.  This was our only office until 1963, and we now have 32 branches across the Vermont and 1 in Massachusetts. 

Over time, Vermont’s economy has grown far beyond water and rail.  Merchants Bank has grown, too.  We are now the largest Vermont-based bank.  Times have changed, yet Merchants Bank’s focus has remained constant - helping individuals, businesses, and municipalities in Vermont and neighboring communities.

In 2014, we commemorated our 165-year anniversary by reprinteing our historic souvenir booklet from 1896.  As you look through these pages of our history, we hope you will see how the values set forth by our founders have laid the foundation for Merchants Bank’s vibrant future. Click here to view.