Today's Rates

30 Year Fixed Bi-Weekly with Auto-Pay 3.850% 3.889%
20 Year Fixed Bi-Weekly with Auto-Pay 3.400% 3.457%
15 Year Fixed Auto-Pay 2.850% 2.926%
10 Year Fixed Auto-Pay 2.600% 2.710%
1-Year ARM with 15-Year Term 1.750% 1.609%
1-Year ARM with 10-Year Term 1.750% 1.660%
3-1 ARM with 15-Year Term 2.750% 2.051%
3-1 ARM with 10-Year Term 2.500% 2.137%
Home EquityRateAPR
5 Year Fixed HE Loan 2.970% 3.295%
15 Year Fixed HE Loan 4.610% 4.731%

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Bi-Weekly Mortgages

Would you be interested in paying off your mortgage early? Our bi-weekly mortgage can help you do exactly that, and you'll enjoy some considerable savings along the way.

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With our bi-weekly mortgage, you make one-half of your monthly mortgage payment every two weeks for a total of 26 bi-weekly payments each year.

The benefits include:

  • Reducing your principal balance more quickly, reducing the total interest paid and the length of time to pay off the loan
  • Automatic bi-weekly payments deducted from your Merchants Bank checking account
  • A variety of rate and term options available

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