Five Ways to Avoid Overdraft Fees

  • Use direct deposit for your paycheck so that you have access to your money immediately.
  • Keep track of your balance, transactions and automatic payments. View your account online, by phone or at the ATM, 24 hours a day. Merchants Bank offers online banking at and phone banking at 802-865-1695 or 800-852-5969.
  • Keep a “pad” or cushion of money in your checking account, just to be safe.
  • Link your checking account to a money market or a home equity line of credit.  This is a less expensive alternative to using Overdraft Safety Net.  However, Overdraft Safety Net will kick in after these other linked account options are exhausted.
  • Merchants Bank Online Banking offers automatic notification when your balance drops below a certain level.  Log into your online banking account and click on notifications to customize your notification balance level.