Pandemic Preparedness

Merchants Bank Business Continuity Planning – Pandemic Preparedness

As part of Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Merchants Bank has developed a Pandemic Preparedness Plan to minimize disruption of our customer’s business operations in the event of a pandemic event.

International and national health authorities continue to monitor for possible global threats.

A severe pandemic could change the patterns of daily life.  People may choose to stay home to avoid others who are sick.  People may need to stay home to care for family members and loved ones.  Travel and public gatherings could be limited.  Basic services and access to supplies could be disrupted.

Preparation and vigilance are the keys to effective planning.

Merchants Bank Plan
Merchants Bank’s plan includes the recommendations of the US Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control (CDC), whose website can be found at  Merchants Bank also monitors the World Health Organization (WHO), whose website can be found at as well as other global and governmental organizations for recommendations and notices to ensure that the most current information is available to keep planning efforts up to date.

Merchants Bank has conducted a business analysis to understand the requirements for any event that would significantly reduce the workforce.  BCP Plans have been updated to provide flexibility to respond to various types of incidents and disasters.

The plans include, but are not limited to, the following provisions for:

  • Awareness and education for employees
  • Communication plans to contact customers and employees through the use of our website, mail and telephone system
  • Remote access of our systems by employees
  • Availability of equipment and office supplies
  • Telephone redirection for call answering
  • Cross-training in various job functions to ensure operational reliability
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing guidelines
  • Availability of hygiene supplies
  • Closing an infected department and moving volume/work to other venues

Merchants Bank continues to evaluate controls and preventive measures specific to reduced staff levels.  As a situation develops, we may plan more controls into our business continuity plan, sharing this information with our staff and customers as we do via email and our website.