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ALERT: A security audit of Merchants Bank’s customer online banking system and our marketing website for Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability determined both are secure and NOT susceptible.  There is no need to change your Merchants Bank online banking password due to Heartbleed, although periodic password changes are always recommended.


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52 Reasons

Businesses across Vermont choose to work with us for many reasons. We’re sharing 52 of those reasons throughout the year. Click here and see how many we have so far.

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Our range of residential mortgages are maintained and serviced in-house-keeping our Vermont economy healthier. Check today’s rates and get started.

Today's Rates

20 Year Fixed Bi-Weekly with Auto-Pay 4.250% 4.268%
15 Year Fixed Auto-Pay 3.650% 3.684%
10 Year Fixed Auto-Pay 3.500% 3.549%
1-Year Auto-Pay ARM with 15-Year Term 1.375% 1.407%
1-Year Auto-Pay ARM with 10-Year Term 1.375% 1.422%
3-1 ARM with 15-Year Term 2.375% 1.779%
3-1 ARM with 10-Year Term 2.125% 1.811%
Home EquityRateAPR
15 Year Fixed HE Loan 5.000% 5.000%

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You are about to leave Merchants Bank.

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