Cash Management

Our services are designed to create value for your company. We offer products that improve your efficiencies and controls, and help you reduce expenses and enhance earnings. 

Money Management 

  • Lockbox
    • Streamline the entire accounts receivable process from start to finish; payments made by your customers are retrieved by Merchants Bank, then we process the payments and deposit the funds directly into your account.
  •   Line of Credit Sweep 
    • Automatically funds your account from your line of credit and uses available account balances to pay down the outstanding line of credit each day; automatically funds shortfalls in your checking account, which minimizes borrowing and interest expense.  
  • REPO Sweep
    • A checking account that is best for customers who require deposit protection outside of FDIC limitations
  • Zero Balance Account
    • Maintain a general operating account and separate accounts for payroll, petty cash, or other purposes. All funds are concentrated into one operating account. Disbursements are made from subsidiary accounts, which always maintain a zero balance. 

Protection from fraud loss 

  • Positive Pay
    • A check fraud prevention solution that gives you the control to reject unauthorized checks presented against your account. 
  •   ACH Debit Filter
    • A fraud detection tool that gives you the control to allow only authorized ACH debits on your account. 
  • Account Reconciliation
    • Receive reports detailing checks cleared, outstanding, or stopped, ad download reports into your accounting software to automate monthly account reconciliation. 

Let us show your how our expertise and personality combine to make a fun and effective banking team dedicated to helping you grow and support your business. 

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*Repurchase Agreements are not bank deposits, are not insured by the FDIC and are subject to investment risk, including possible loss of the principal amount invested.