Investment Management
We manage globally diversified portfolios of mutual funds guided by ongoing research of asset class valuations and in-depth manager due diligence.

Define Investment and Risk Objectives
We work closely with your investment committee members to define realistic investment objectives and risk guidelines that support the goals of your organization.

Implement and Adhere to Investment Policy Guidelines
We implement and monitor the most appropriate  strategy for the portfolio. We outline the specific investment objectives, asset allocation ranges, anticipated risks and performance benchmarks in an Investment Policy Statement. This document serves as the guide for ongoing investment decisions, and is reviewed and revised as the needs of your organization change over time.

Provide Performance Benchmarks
We establish a performance benchmark appropriate to the selected portfolio strategy. Reviewing performance against this benchmark allows you to measure the value we can add.

Participate in Committee Meetings
We are available to participate in your investment committee meetings to review the portfolio and provide context and information on the investment markets.

Investment Products:
Not FDIC Insured
Not A Deposit
No Bank Guaranty
May Lose Value