Dan Stanyon, CTFA

Dan Stanyon

Financial Advisor
275 Kennedy Drive
So. Burlington, VT 05403

  • Undergrad:
    University of Vermont
  • Grad/additional:
    Cannon Financial Institute
  • Affiliations:
    Certified Trust and Financial Advisor
  • Started at MB:
  • Years in VT:
    Since 1983
  • Years in Banking/Finance:
    Since 1988
  • Years in Investment Management:
    Since 1998
  • Native of:
    New York

A Little More Background

Growing up around family members who ran small businesses, Dan always enjoyed interacting with customers.  Today, with more than 25 years in banking, he helps customers find solutions to their needs and achieve their most important financial goals. Outside of work, he volunteers with several community organizations in housing and preserving land. He also took on the 251 Club challenge: having already visited half all of Vermont's 251 towns.