Why Merchants Trust Company?

Our complete and undivided focus is on you. In fact, we have structured every aspect of our firm and our service delivery with an intense focus on understanding and delivering results for you.

Assurance that our advice and guidance is in your best interest.

  • We are held to the highest standard of conduct in the financial industry–the fiduciary standard. This requires that we always act in your best interest.

Proactive advice and guidance that squarely addresses your most important financial opportunities and challenges.

  • You may not always know the questions to ask or what actions are needed.

Results and peace of mind that come with a long-term and well-rounded solution.

  • The integrity and quality of our people are what distinguishes us from our competition. Our knowledgeable and caring professionals are committed to helping you, your family or your organization succeed. And our services can continue uninterrupted regardless of your circumstances.

Access to the best solutions and resources available. Anywhere.

  • We identify the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions for your specific situation.  Our globally diversified investment portfolios draw on the broad universe of investment talent to implement appropriate strategies for you and your unique situation. 

Investment Products:
Not FDIC Insured
Not A Deposit
No Bank Guaranty
May Lose Value