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An account statement is an important financial document necessary for the accounting activities of the company. However, individuals may also need to get such a document. Almost every person contacts with banks one way or another – receives a debit and credit card, draws up a mortgage, opens a deposit or takes a cash loan. […]

All the Details about Overdraft

Overdraft is a bank lending to an organization to pay operating expenses in the event that the borrower’s company does not have enough money on its bank account. In this case, the use of the loan is granted at interest. When submitting an overdraft, the bank deducts funds from the enterprise account in full. Overdraft […]


This is an exciting time for our banking institutions.We work to promote your access to innovative financial options. In order to foster all the profits of this improvement, this banking institution will convert these data systems on March 21, 2016. Below, you will find helpful information and answers to questions you may have in this […]

Retail Client and Bank Branch. Expectations

The traditional model of organizing the work of a bank branch involves servicing both individuals and legal entities. As banking institutions developed, new models of work organization appeared. One of them consists in transferring corporate clients for servicing to the central office and assigning exclusively the function of servicing individuals to branches. At the same […]

Business Money Market Account

Money Market Account – an account opened by banks and savings institutions in response to competition from shares of investment funds. Banks and savings institutions pay a higher percentage on this account in comparison with current accounts. Money Market Account cannot be the primary account on a debit card. Items deposited over 25 per statement […]

Merchants Trust in Banking Institutions

The Edelman Trust Barometer, a large international public relations agency, annually conducts a global study of consumer confidence in companies from various industries. Its results are unlikely to please owners and managers around the world. Since 2008, the level of customer confidence in the information that the business informs people has been steadily declining (with […]

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a economic processes of consolidation of business and capital, occurring at macro- and microeconomic levels, as a result of which larger companies appear on the market. Merger is the union of two or more business entities, resulting in the formation of a new economic unit. It is a business combination […]


Below you can find bank locations in Vermont: Rutland Factory Point National Bank 22 Court St,Rutland 05701 VT (Vermont) Stratevest Group 89 Merchants Row,Rutland 05701 VT (Vermont) First Community Bank 104 Merchants Row,Rutland 05701 VT (Vermont) Merchants Bank 92 Woodstock Ave,Rutland 05701 VT (Vermont) Berkshire Bank 143 Woodstock Ave,Rutland 05701 VT (Vermont) Heritage Family Credit […]

Freedom Checking

Many banks give you the freedom from a monthly service charge and also the freedom of banking anywhere, anytime with free online, mobile and text banking. Benefits of Freedom Checkine may include: No charge for monthly service Free eStatements Free Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and Text Banking Availability of Mobile Capture Free access to helpful […]

Wire Transfers

What is a bank transfer? Bank transfer is a non-cash form of payment for services. It consists in making a payment by one party (Payer) to the other party (Recipient). Transfer is carried out by facsimile, telegraph or electronic communication. The latter method is the most optimal and more secure at present. The essence of […]