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Federal Funds Rate

Federal funds rate is the interest rate at which US banks lend their excess reserves for short periods (usually overnight) to other banks. The borrowing bank and the creditor bank agree on the interest rate on the loan; the weighted average of the rates for all such transactions is called federal funds effective rate. Federal […]

What is an ATM?

Millions of people use ATMs around the world, it is difficult to imagine the streets of cities without them, and even more, their absence often causes us discomfort. We will tell you about various kinds of ATMs, how they work and what they can be used for. How ATMs work An ATM is a data […]

Order/Reorder Personal Checks

To reorder checks, you must have a current checking account with the bank since your account number is required to order checks. Exact Reorders: If you have NO changes to your check order and have previously ordered checks from the bank, you must just enter the bank’website abd find the Reorder Checks page. You will […]

Health Savings Account

Health is an important part of the employee benefits package, albeit costly. With rising healthcare costs, businesses are looking for alternatives to commonly managed care plans. One option available is a Health Savings Account (HSA). What is HSA? HSA is a type of consumer-oriented healthcare account. HSA is a type of health coverage modeled after […] Information

EFTPS is a free system provided by the US Department of the Treasury to pay federal taxes. What does EFTPS provide? Security you can rely on. When paying federal tax electronically, using three identification documents guarantees your privacy and protects your information. Using your tax identification number (EIN or SSN), personal identification number (PIN), and […]