Home Equity Lines of Credit and Loans

Making it easier and more affordable to put your home’s equity to work for you.
If you’re considering a Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit, you probably fall into one of three categories.


You’re ready to review our rates, product details and application process in more detail. Visit our Home Lending Center.


You know the ins and outs and are trying to figure out what bank or institution is right for you. Here’s a snapshot of what sets Merchants Bank Home Equity Loan and Home Equity Line of Credit programs apart.

  • NO application FEE (click here for details)
  • Competitive rates, both fixed and variable (click here for a personalized quote)
  • Streamlined application and approval process (click here to begin the application process)
  • Lock in an interest rate for 60 days, free of charge–at any time from when you first submit your application to when your closing interest rate is set.
  • No minimum Home Equity Line of Credit draw requirement
  • No prepayment penalty–so you can payoff your loan at any time without a penalty
  • Possible tax deductible interest (see your tax advisor for details)
  • Option to use your credit line as overdraft coverage for your checking account

Home Equity 101 PDFAt Merchants Bank, we encourage you to make a highly informed decision when it comes to deciding on Home Equity Loans and Lines or Credit. A good first step is to work with people who will take the time to understand your unique situation and deliver a product and the customer service you need to make a sound decision.  

Click here for a convenient PDF to understand the key differences and important details to consider when considering a Home Equity product.