Bill Payment and Presentment

We designed our Bill Payment and Presentment service to be simple and easy – saving you the hassle of having to write checks, buy stamps, or worry about late payments.

Best of all, it’s free for Simply Checking, Growth Checking, and Money Market customers. For Freedom Checking customers the first 4 bill payments each month are free, then each additional bill payment is $0.50 each.

With Bill Payment and Presentment, you can receive, view and manage your bills through your Online Banking account. You can actually see each bill before it’s paid – just like you would when you write out checks.

You have complete control over when bills are paid, how they are paid, and what accounts you want to pay them from.  All payments are processed on the specified effective date – except weekends and federal holidays which are mailed the next business day. Typically, it takes 3–5 business days for payments to reach their destination.

In addition, you can: 

  • Create e-mail alerts for bill arrivals, due dates and upcoming payments
  • Set up automatic recurring payments, so you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines
  • Keep track of your Bill Payment history and create customized reports
  • Request a year-end review of all bills and payments on CD (fees apply)
  • Manage your accounts anywhere at any time

With benefits like this, there’s no reason not to try it.

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