EFTPS.gov Information

EFTPS is a free system provided by the US Department of the Treasury to pay federal taxes.

What does EFTPS provide?

  • Security you can rely on. When paying federal tax electronically, using three identification documents guarantees your privacy and protects your information. Using your tax identification number (EIN or SSN), personal identification number (PIN), and Internet password along with a secure Internet browser enhances security;
  • Available amenities. Plan payments in advance for up to 365 days. Pay taxes from home or office around the clock and daily. Pay your federal taxes: income tax; tax withheld by the employer from the wages of persons employed; settlement tax and excise tax. Ease of changing or canceling scheduled payments. Track your payment with email notifications. View a list of your payments for a previous period of 15 months. Get help with payments or answers to questions from customer service agents;
  • Reliability you can rely on. Immediate confirmation of your payment along with your bank statement will ensure that payments have been made.

How to register at EFTPS

Visit EFTPS.gov or call EFTPS customer service to request a registration form:

  • 800-555-4477
  • 877-333-8292 (federal agencies)
  • 800-733-4829 (text phone (TDD) for people with hearing loss)
  • 800-244-4829 (in Spanish)

Additional benefits of using EFTPS

  • Payment Option Using EFTPS Voice Response System: 800-555-3453;
  • Immediate Information Using the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Tool;
  • After registration, take advantage of the “How to” tool (registration required).

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