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KS State Bank Review


1.0 rating

Foundation Year

Office Address
KS StateBank, 1010 Westloop Place, Manhattan, KS 66502

Phone number


  • Detailed info about personal and business services;
  • Available calculator on the website;
  • Rich experience;
  • Online banking;
  • Mobile app.


  • Made an appointment to open an account or meet with members of our Commercial or Mortgage teams;
  • 6 cities to work in.


KS state bank was established back in 1969 as Kansas State Bank of Manhattan. It was renamed as KS StateBank in 2015. This bank provides the services of pesonal, business, and government financing. Firstly, it has opened only two departments – Manhattan, Junction City and Wichita. After some time, they expand the geography and open the departments in other states and cities. We will specify them below. According to the reviews, the application of KS state bank is available for downloading online through PlayMarket, iStore, and Amazon. It is available for free.


Prsonal service includes:

Lending solutions offer the following options:

If you decide to apply for a home loan, you are offered a fixed rate loan for a period а 3, 5 or 7 years. Available home loan programs are:

According to the reviews, ks state bank mortgage is available for many people living in the states. KS StateBank has a home loan solution for you in any case.

Business options include:

Deposit accounts include the following options with the following rates and terms:

Small Business Checking

Enhanced Business Checking

Community Checking
This profitable, interest bearing business checking was created for nonprofit facilities, government entities and sole proprietorships.

Simple Savings

Business Money Market

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Contact the site administration or visit a department to find out KS state bank cd rates.

Goverment financing service

The definite financing can be required to get required equipment, or some other option. This bank has over 25-years experience and highly knowledgeable staff of financial and legal professionals. As a result, KS StateBank provides profitable financing to government entities all over the country.

Government financing service is available for the following agencies:

The advantages of government financing:

Availability Profitability Hassle-free
No huge, up-front cash exps Worked out financing services to fit budget limitations Straightforward, simplified set of documents to be collected
Profitable interest rates Transaction volumes can be from $5,000 and over No legal or documentation charges
Avoids price up by locking in purchase price All equipment types are accepted Fast approvals
Excludes costs of keeping clapped-out equipment Customized payment terms ground on the type of security Quick document processing and vendor funding
Frees up capital for other demands

Who runs KS state bank mortgage loans?

KS State Bank does not post fees on the website. Usually, the costs range between 2% and 5% of the purchase price. We cannot guarantee it is 100% true. In any case it is better to address any department or call this banking institution.


KS State Bank is located in:

Loan Production Offices (These offices cannot accept deposits.)

Wichita, KS
3020 N. Cypress, Suite 100
Wichita, KS 67226
316-636-9922 (phone)
316-636-9919 (fax)

Overland Park, KS
12980 Metcalf, Suite 310
Overland Park, KS 66213
785-587-4000 (phone)
913-451-8200 (fax)

Scottsdale, AZ
9237 East Via de Ventura, Suite 210
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
785-587-4000 (phone)
480-621-3838 (fax)

Scottsdale, AZ
16430 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 117
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
480-867-1553 (phone)
480-471-8995 (fax)

Golden Valley, MN
7500 Olson Memorial Highway, Suite 185
Golden Valley, MN 55427
952-548-8841 (phone)
855-894-8584 (fax)

Longville, MN
1481 County Road 5, Suite 5
Longville, MN 56655
612-656-6090 (phone)
855-306-2966 (fax)

Locations in Manhattan

Westloop Branch and ATM
1010 Westloop Place
Manhattan, KS 66502
785-587-4000 (phone)
785-587-4010 (fax)

Aggieville Branch and ATM
1101 Bluemont Avenue
Manhattan, KS 66502
785-587-4000 (phone)
785-587-4037 (fax)

Downtown Branch and ATM
555 Poyntz Avenue
Manhattan, KS 66502
785-587-4000 (phone)
785-587-4033 (fax)

Highway 24 Branch and ATM
8803 East Highway 24
Manhattan, KS 66502
785-587-4000 (phone)
785-587-4095 (fax)

Manhattan ATM
2223 Tuttle Creek Blvd.
Manhattan, KS 66502
(Rickel McMillin Liquor)

Junction City

Junction City Branch and ATM
539 West 6th Street
Junction City, KS 66441
785-762-5050 (phone)
785-762-5996 (fax)

Junction City ATM
522 East Chestnut
Junction City, KS 66441

Junction City ATM
202 West 18th Street
Junction City, KS 66441

Ogden and Wichita

Ogden ATM
319 Riley Street
Ogden, KS 66517

Wichita Branch and ATM
1424 South Maize Road
Wichita, KS 67209
316-722-6665 (phone)
316-722-6669 (fax)


5110 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85012
602-393-6950 (phone)
602-393-6960 (fax)

Conclusion: No Rates and Terms Specified

This website contains no details about rates and terms at all. You cannot find the info about KS state bank CDs rates. They even do not specify for what period yo need to open a deposit account to get the profit. In other ways, the website is user-friendly. It contains all the locations, phone and faxes. Every user may call the nearest to him/her department and find out what he needs. The current situation makes some deprtments work in. Make an appointment if you need the consultation.

We collect all contact details and will be glad it is useful for you. The section “Goernment financing” describes in what cases you may appl for this option and its advantages. You are welcome to read it and decide whether it fits you or not.


1.0 rating

This bank is inept and dishonest. I chose this banking lender due to the positive reviews and low refi rate. The initial call with the friendly “mortgage loan specialist” was positive. He recommended that I would get a specific lender credit amount if I opened an escrow account, so I did. I ensured most documents within hours of being asked, but the back-and-forth between the loan processor and title company caused the whole process to last two months. Then KS State Bank decreased the credit amount because of the delay they caused. If KS State Bank’s staff had the expertise to guaratee that the papers were correct before forwarding to title, it would have considerably avoided the delays, yet they penalized me for their incompetence. I would have switched to another lender if rates hadn’t already gone up, but I’m sure they knew I was stuck with them and felt no reason to treat me fairly. Horrible experience.

Christopher May
1.0 rating

Unfortunately, I had not read the reviews before wasting my time visiting this bank. I asked for a refinance loan from them and sending all my information, K S State Bank in Plymouth, MN is one of the worst banks I’ve had to deal with. They never even called me back to tell me the loan was not approved.

Chandra Hennessy
1.0 rating

You don’t notarize for non-clients? Ok fine, but once you find out that I’m not a client maybe don’t treat me like I suffer any mental disease when I ask you where I could get something notarized. Impolite staff and ineffective service.

James Rodriguez
1.0 rating

Loan close took 45 days instead of 30 days. They procesed my application and pointed out required more time, but didn’t want to break the bad news. So we visited the department to closу an account and they let us spend too much time in the office. Our seller did not believe that the bank had botched things so badly and thought we were delinquent payers.
The worst part is that the bank would do nothing to solve this problem. We asked to send a letter to the house seller that we are responsible but they refuse to do that. The bank never responded. I emailed the VP for mortgages. No response, as well.
In the end, someone was able to find out who their ultimate investor was on the loan and kicked the application unfinished. The bank could not even fix its own mess. We closed the loan in the end, no thanks to them. Their mistake almost cost us the home.

Gilbert England

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