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Terms and Rates is not involved in making any decisions and transferring funds. Our service is a referral one that unites lenders in one network. In turn, lenders, after processing your applicaton, will send you an exact offer with definite terms and rates.

If after submitting an application on the referral service website, you are connected with a lender. The lender will send you an offer. It will include the loan amount, the fees and APR, as well as the repayment terms.

Get acquainted with the details of the loan agreement as careful as possible. It is better to grapple with the consequences if you do not make the payment timely. There are no obligations to accept the loan terms. You are only obligated once you have to provide e-signature of the loan. Your repayment will be automatically withdraw from your bank account on the pre-scheduled due date.

If you do not repay the loan in full, including all fees and interest charges, there are consequences of which you should be informed before agreeing to the loan. If repayment will be an issue, do not accept the offer of the loan.

All questions relating to repayment and its possible effects should be transferred to your lender. Our service works with various lenders that each have their own sets of rules for their financial lending options. If you do not repay the loan, inclusively of charges on time, typical actions taken by lenders include redirecting your account over to a collection agency, reporting to a credit history bureau, an offer to expand, which will create extra charges and to your account balance, and/or legal action.