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States and Cities with Worst Drivers

States with Worst Drivers

Are you going on a trip with your own car for the holidays? Then you just need to know about states with the worst drivers – those where you should be especially careful because the local drivers do not really respect the rules of the road.

Top states in the US with the worst drivers

Statistical analysis carried out by different insurance companies shows that the worst drivers live in Texas and Louisiana. The data was provided by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). The analysis was carried out on five dimensions: fatal accidents, disobeying traffic signals, not wearing seat belts, drunk driving, speeding and dangerous driving.

The top 10 states with the worst drivers include South Carolina, North Dakota, Delaware, New Mexico, Nevada, Alabama, Arizona and Montana. Texas, along with its neighbor Louisiana, jumped from fourth to first this year, and Louisiana to second, respectively. It is the only state where drivers ranked in the top 15 most dangerous drivers in all 5 categories. Texas has the 3rd highest drunk driving and 9th highest rate of road fatalities and speeding.

Texas Transportation estimates that as of November 4, at least one person has died on the state road every day for 16 years. To end a streak of 55,578 deaths, state officials urged motorists to wear seat belts, pay attention to the road, and never drink while driving.

Louisiana drivers rank # 1 in traffic signal compliance. They drive a red car every now and then. Also, this state is in 5-0 place in the number of road deaths. “These fatal accidents are a sobering reminder that we must do everything in our power to stay focused on driving safety,” said James Bass, head of the State Department of Transportation.

New Yorkers are the worst drivers in the US

Renowned insurance company GMAC has named New Yorkers as the worst drivers in the United States. This is the conclusion GMAC sociologists came to after a large-scale study.

Drivers from all over the country answered a series of questions commonly used in the DMV oral examinations. In the course of surveys, it turned out that 27% of city residents do not really know the rules of the road, and about 15% regularly break the rules.

Hundreds of New York drivers do not know what exactly a red traffic light and a STOP sign mean. Dozens of respondents expressed sincere bewilderment when they were told the correct meaning of certain road signs.

“If you drive a car in New York, then you drive it instinctively,” explained one of the study participants. – The real traffic rules are far from those specified in the laws. You can easily provoke an accident if you strictly follow the rules. ”

New Yorkers have been repeatedly recognized as the worst motorists in the country. From research in recent years, it follows that Big Apple drivers are more likely than others to argue with the police, to exceed the speed limit on a highway, to park in the wrong place and to talk on the phone while driving. Moreover, New Yorkers do not understand the devices of cars at all, so they often find themselves in funny situations. For example: A driver ran out of gas while driving on an expressway, causing a two-hour five-mile traffic jam.

Insurance companies often criticize DMV examiners for neglecting students. It is not uncommon for newly minted drivers to have an accident a few hours after obtaining a driver’s license.

GMAC noted that high car insurance in New York State in general, and in five boroughs in particular, is absolutely justified. Therefore, it is not surprising that car fines are one of the main sources of revenue for the city coffers. During 2008, more than 10 million penalty tickets were issued.