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The Borrowing Club Review

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5.0 rating

Foundation Year

Office Address
6699 North Federal Highway, Suite 105, Boca Raton FL 33487

Phone number
(844) GO1-CLUB


  • BBB-accredited;
  • Possible to file Bankruptcy;
  • Online consultation;
  • No extra fees.


  • Next Day Approvals;
  • Affect credit score.


The Borrowing Club offers a consulting, advisory and assistance program. It is availble for a number of people that meet definite minimum credit/financial qualifications. This company ensures customers with a detailed financial analytic record. This overview explains to them current cost of their debt service if you decide to consolidate new loan, interest rates, monthly cost, compounding interest rates and the advantages and disadvantages of their new and old programs. This company selects lenders that may issue loans at reasonably low rates.

What loans does The Borrowing Club offer?

The Borrowing Club offers the following financial options:

What state does this company service?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer this quaestion as the website doesn’t contain this information. Address the company directly to get to know in what states it is licensed.

What terms and rates does this company offer?

This information will be given by a lender directly as this company is a kind of referral service. When you will be connected with the chosen lender, he will inform you about possible terms and rates before signing any agreements.

How do I qualify for a loan?

There are no certain information what points should be met to qualify for a loan from The Borrowing Club.

Can I take a loan if my credit score is low?

Nothing is recorded about this issue.

Does this service have a mobile app?

This company has a mobile version as that every person may apply for its service using your mobile app.

Conclusion is questionable. It provides few information about minimum requirements, how to pay a loan back, ect. The website contains many information that abstractly describes the procedure with no exact points to be complited.


5.0 rating

The Borrowing Club made this process simple and painless. Our helper explained everything in detail and we had a better understanding of the lending market. It gave us the best advice on what to pay off first to help improve both of our credit scores. We look forward to addressing TBC again in a few months to work on a second loan.

Melvin Black
5.0 rating

I am extremely satisfied with the experience I had. The process was simple and fast. Our adviser was a professional and stayed in touch constantly. We couldn’t have done it without them. I’m glad we didn’t try to do it alone.

Stephen Gilliam

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